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Oldenburg, with a population of 160,000 people, is the fourth largest city of Lower Saxony. Affected by its state as the former capital and residence city, there is architectural heritage here that goes back about 500 years. Together with the shopping opportunities, bistros and restaurants, it forms a harmoneous downtown area for all city visitors to enjoy. The heart of the city is the old town hall, which was built 1888. The St. Lambertchurch is also another great attraction that helps form the city scape of Oldenburg. The castle, where the state museum is located, is also a great site to see for visitors.

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Oldenburg sightseeing

Old Town Hall
Built in 1888 it was discussed controversially amongst the citizens because of its manifold decorations and was even called a "Monster". Thanks to its triangle form and its high rooms it is today one of the main tourist features.
Church St. Lambert
The highest building of Oldenburg surprises with its contrast between newgothic outer shape and the classic inner design.
Castle Oldenburg
In the former residence of the counts and dukes of Oldenburg is now sheltered the state museum for art and art history with its permanent exhibition and the changing exhibitions of older dutch and italic masters.
Gunpowder Tower
Originally dating from the year 1529, the turret was reconstructed in the 17th century and served as storage for gun powder and later as ice house for the castle.
The bell tower is one of the cities landmarks and is located at the beginning of the "Langen Straße" (long street). Is was one of the few buildings, which survived the city burning of 1676. It was attached additionally (angelappt) to the building.

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